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Mass with Frs. Balacuit and von Sales in 1st Miracle Church, Cana  Mass with Frs. Balacuit and von Sales in 1st Miracle Church, Cana, Oct. 12, 2016 Enlarge Image


4 items found in the database within the above time frame. Read or Listen to the homilies by clicking on the links below or use the Prev or Next buttons to select a different month of the year.

  • Second Sunday of Advent (Year A)
    Sun, Dec 4 Views 93 Listen 1 Downloads 0

    It is a great blessing to have parents who fear, love and honor God. However, children should not expect their parents’ piety to bring about their own salvation or it will come to us as a matter of course. Even though salvation of an entire Christian household may be accomplished through the faith and devotion of a parent, every individual in the household must personally believe in Jesus Christ and fear, love, honor and obey God. Read more »

  • Third Sunday of Advent (Year A)
    Sun, Dec 11 Views 117 Listen 1 Downloads 0

    When we pray, we often expect God to act immediately on our behalf and do our will. We want Him to eliminate all evil and suffering in the world and make our lives easy. But often times we feel our God appears to be powerless. Instead of removing our pain, God wants us to be patient and faithful to Him. Read more »

  • Fourth Sunday of Advent (Year A)
    Sun, Dec 18 Views 518 Listen 1 Downloads 0

    In today’s gospel we read how the birth of Jesus really came about. Matthew writes that Jesus’ mother Mary became pregnant not because of Joseph but because the child was conceived miraculously, through the Holy Spirit. Read more »

  • The Nativity of the Lord (Year A)
    Sun, Dec 25 Views 134 Listen 1 Downloads 0

    The celebration of Christmas each year serves to remind each and every one of us that God has made these promises to us, and He keeps them, and that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, Hebrews (13:8). God never changes. He has proved His trustworthiness by sending His Son Jesus, the long-promised “Emmanuel” meaning “God with us”, Matthew (1:22-23), and has made all His promises available to us through Jesus. Read more »

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