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Father Valan & Mass Servers Kneeling Before the Altar  Father Valan & Mass Servers Kneeling Before the Altar, April 13, 2014 Enlarge Image


4 items found in the database within the above time frame. Read or Listen to the homilies by clicking on the links below or use the Prev or Next buttons to select a different month of the year.

  • First Sunday of Lent (Year A)
    Sun, Mar 5 Views 541 Listen 6 Downloads 0

    Temptation is all around us, testing us as even Jesus was tested. No one is above temptation or the potential to sin, 1 (John 1:8). Temptation comes in many forms, often through those near and around us. When we give into temptation and sin, we often have to pay a high price. We lose our freedom, dignity, honor, peace and joy. Read more »

  • Second Sunday of Lent (Year A)
    Sun, Mar 12 Views 454 Listen 4 Downloads 0

    Abram’s call and blessing from God was a big one, big enough to be felt through all the ages. God called Abram, and Abram in faith, responded to the call quickly. Just by responding favorably to God’s call, God provided him with the great blessing and made him a blessing to others. Read more »

  • Third Sunday of Lent (Year A)
    Sun, Mar 19 Views 420 Listen 7 Downloads 0

    This story reminds us of the spiritual thirst of human life. Even though on the surface, we are thirsty for material things, deep down we are thirsty for the meaning and purpose of life. Ultimately, our thirst is a thirst for God Himself. Jesus says that He alone can satisfy that thirst with living water. Read more »

  • Fourth Sunday of Lent (Year A)
    Sun, Mar 26 Views 439 Listen 4 Downloads 0

    God still performs miracles every day, but most of them simply go unnoticed or are denied. Some of us refuse to repent and believe, even after we have seen many miracles. Read more »

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