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XIV Station of the Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa), Jerusalem  XIV Station of the Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa), Jerusalem, Oct. 17, 2016 Enlarge Image


4 items found in the database within the above time frame. Read or Listen to the homilies by clicking on the links below or use the Prev or Next buttons to select a different month of the year.

  • First Sunday of Advent (Year B)
    Sun, Dec 3 Views 118 Listen 14 Downloads 1

    We should not think that we will be hearing the same thing, the same way as we did the last time. Although on the surface we might think and feel the same, underneath we do understand the texts differently and change our views as well. This is because the Bible is more than just a book of ancient history. Read more »

  • Second Sunday of Advent (Year B)
    Sun, Dec 10 Views 110 Listen 7 Downloads 0

    The preaching of John needs to be heard today as much as when he first proclaimed it. We need to confront and confess our sins as well as turn away from them in sincere repentance so as to receive God’s forgiveness and the gift of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. Repentance is a part of the very “foundation” of the true Christian faith, Hebrews (6:1). Read more »

  • Third Sunday of Advent (Year B)
    Sun, Dec 17 Views 92 Listen 5 Downloads 1

    We are the voice for God’s presence in our world’ to explain the Scriptures or to instruct one another in the faith; to warn one another of our sins and to call on one another to transform our lives; and to seek His mercy and forgiveness. Our work is to point to Jesus; to testify to the light; give testimony to Jesus’ name. We do all these, not to draw glory, honor and recognition to ourselves but to our Master, the Lord Jesus. Read more »

  • Fourth Sunday of Advent (Year B)
    Sun, Dec 24 Views 82 Listen 5 Downloads 0

    She was chosen by God to be the Mother of His Son, Jesus. We can’t be Mary and be used the way she was, but God has a plan for each of us and has chosen us like Mary, as Saint Paul writes, “before the foundation of the world,” for a similar task – to bring forth spiritual life to our spouses, children, family, and friends, Ephesians (1:4) . Read more »

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