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Father Valan Baptismal Renewal at the Jordan River, Qasr-al-Yahud  Father Valan Baptismal Renewal at the Jordan River, October 14, 2016 Enlarge Image


4 items found in the database within the above time frame. Read or Listen to the homilies by clicking on the links below or use the Prev or Next buttons to select a different month of the year.

  • First Sunday of Advent (Year C)
    Sun, Dec 2 Views 104 Listen 5 Downloads 0

    Today, we regard Advent as a time to prepare our minds and hearts not only to celebrate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, but also His coming in all the events of daily life, especially through the Sacraments, the Scriptures, the community and at the moment of our death. Read more »

  • Second Sunday of Advent (Year C)
    Sun, Dec 9 Views 97 Listen 4 Downloads 0

    Today’s gospel narrative reminds us that, just as “when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son Jesus”, Galatians (4:4) and sent John to prepare the people to receive Him, He will act on His own timing in our lives as well – at just the right time and circumstances, according to His will. Read more »

  • Third Sunday of Advent (Year C)
    Sun, Dec 16 Views 65 Listen 8 Downloads 0

    While repenting of our sins and living good lives, as John the Baptist has demanded of us, we shall also strive to be like him. We shall humble ourselves and, through our good works point others to Jesus. Because, only when we decrease and Christ increases, will we have the fullness of joy. Read more »

  • Fourth Sunday of Advent (Year C)
    Sun, Dec 23 Views 55 Listen 13 Downloads 0

    Just as Mary, Elizabeth and the John the Baptist recognized one another and rejoiced together at the wonderful things God was doing in their lives, so too do we need the help of others to recognize God's presence in our lives and to rejoice together whenever God intervenes and saves us in our helplessness. Read more »

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