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The Arab Village of Iksal at the Foot of Mount Tabor  The Arab Village of Iksal at the Foot of Mount Tabor, October 12, 2016 Enlarge Image


5 items found in the database within the above time frame. Read or Listen to the homilies by clicking on the links below or use the Prev or Next buttons to select a different month of the year.

  • First Sunday of Advent (Year A)
    Sun, Dec 1 Views 233 Listen 24 Downloads 0

    Before we were baptized, salvation was far away. But from the day we were baptized, we are on a spiritual journey, on the road to salvation. And with each day of our life in Christ, with each day of our life following Christ’s teachings with devotion and love, salvation is coming closer and closer. Read more »

  • Second Sunday of Advent (Year A)
    Sun, Dec 8 Views 157 Listen 16 Downloads 0

    When challenges, trials and tribulations come, we are so often tempted to lose hope and give up. At these times, we can look to the Old Testament scriptures. There are great passages and verses on hope to read from the Old Testament, to lift us up and to encourage us. There are many stories of God’s people, both men and women, who held on to hope and God’s promises and thereby claimed victories in the midst of the odds stacked up against them. Read more »

  • Third Sunday of Advent (Year A)
    Sun, Dec 15 Views 112 Listen 2 Downloads 0

    The period of waiting is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of the Christian life. Especially, when you feel so desperate for God to intervene in a situation in life, waiting is so hard and, at times, can even test your faith. But in these times, whether it be that your sickness is not getting healed or the new job is not coming as expected or your relationship with someone is not working or a sin that you are struggling to overcome, you must not give up your hope and your faith in God. Read more »

  • Fourth Sunday of Advent (Year A)
    Sun, Dec 22 Views 77 Listen 28 Downloads 0

    God’s mercy, has separated us from the corrupt ways of the world so that we might think, speak and live differently; that we might show the great and marvellous love that God has for us and that we might live a life that is holy and righteous before Him ― a life that is not conformed to the ways of this world. Read more »

  • The Nativity of the Lord (Year A)
    Wed, Dec 25 Views 3 Listen 0 Downloads 0

    The celebration of Christmas each year serves to remind each and every one of us that God has made these promises to us, and He keeps them, and that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, Hebrews (13:8). God never changes. He has proved His trustworthiness by sending His Son Jesus, the long-promised “Emmanuel” meaning “God with us”, Matthew (1:22-23), and has made all His promises available to us through Jesus. Read more »

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